Sky247: Responsible Gaming

In providing our services, we strive to bring the greatest comfort and security to users. With this in mind, we have a set of rules to follow. Violation will result in the imposition of certain penalties. These terms and conditions guarantee you 100% safety, not only from betting and gaming but also from other players. Furthermore, our responsibility policy is aimed at reducing the number of negative consequences resulting from various gaming activities.

Responsible Gaming

Basic conditions relating to player safety

Player safety is a fundamental principle of our company. With this in mind, the basic rules that must be observed include:

  • Access to the platform by players who are at least 18 years old;
  • Establishing measures to minimize the negative impact of betting and gambling and prevent the emergence of addiction;
  • Determining the responsibility of each player for violating the established rules regarding users’ safety.

In case you would like to suggest something new to us on the issue of being addiction-free, we are always open!

Basic Safety Conditions

Gambling addiction and dealing with it

If you feel that your betting or gambling is becoming addictive, you can do a procedure to reduce the detrimental effects. It is called self-exclusion. It has the following features:

  • It consists of a person voluntarily blocking access to the platform or setting a time limit;
  • The procedure involves contacting us by email at [email protected];
  • The processing time is two days;
  • The time period of activity – at least 5 years or permanently;
  • The user reserves the right to restore access to the account.

That’s it. Remember that we are always waiting for your return. However, your safety is much more important!

Responsible Gaming

How do you prevent addiction?

For those who are not yet experiencing addiction but are afraid of becoming it, there are rules that are recommended to be followed. These include:

  • Play only when you are calm and concentrated;
  • Do not visit our platform while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants;
  • Take breaks;
  • Set financial limits.

These and many other points will keep you safe. Especially if you live with the desire to play and earn as much as possible!

How to prevent addiction